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I wonder what would emerge in the world creatively and artistically if there were more warm hearted spaces for artists to grow their work? This question and my own experience in circles that practice benevolent witnessing had me inspired to create a circle for the quirky performance artist who knows they have something inside of them to share and could use a supportive space.  

The Experience 

 We will commune weekly and practice a feedback process, which is designed to leave one another INSPIRED and EXCITED to keep developing your work.

The material that you will get to create will excel beyond what you could have ever imagined. 

The Result

-You get to develop a 7-15 minute piece of work over a 3 month period, in a safe, supportive, empowering space. 

-You get to explore places you never imagined in your work, and with fellow performing artists. 

-You get weekly accountability with time to share your work over zoom.

-You get to experience the confidence, and fulfillment that comes with being deeply engaged in your own creative process. 

-You get to end the experience by presenting your material in a show / presentation at the end of the 3 month process.  

To get on the waiting list for the next program send us an email here:

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