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Playdates are for you if you know that you are here to live life on your terms, and create from your unique talents & skills.  They are all about supporting people who live outside the box, and who appreciate a trauma informed approach. 

You get to choose your own PLAYDATE adventure below based on your delight.  


"I enjoyed working with Alison.  It was great to connect to myself in a unique and fun way. 

I got to create fun characters around parts of myself that I didn't necessarily like.  The playfulness around that has shifted how I view myself, so I can accept and love all parts of myself!"

Tatiana F.   

People walk away from Playdates: 
  • Bringing more creativity into their life.

  • Experiencing being met where they are with no judgement. 

  • With more space to playfully shift things in their life on their own.

  • Honoring where they are at. 

  • With a new playful perspective that creates more inner peace.

  • The energy and confidence to go for any weird creative dream that lights them up.

People leave playdates feeling seen, accepted, celebrated, rejuvenated, and back in their creative flow. 

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Playdate Tool Box

Playdates can include any or all of these things:  


-Inner Character Exploration through improv, movement, & sound

-Creative Visualization Tools to support big vision projects

-A Wander in a magical place while exploring your creative dreams

-Supportive Non-judgmental listening and curious questions

-A deeper understanding of your inner parts & team (critic, judge, perfectionist, etc.).

-Body Talk a somatic healing modality where you learn how to receive wisdom from your own body.  

-Curious Questioning is a practice where we use the expansive energy of curiosity and bring it to sticky situations.  



One Time  Two Hour Power Play Phone Session $300
The Power Play Phone Session is for you if you have worked with me, or another coach, and you know what you need is to focus in and spend time playfully re-orienting to your joy and creative expression in your life or creative art projects.


You get to come as you are, we dig into my toolbox, support your body, and then look at your visions.  This is a YES space, a space for the most WILD, WEIRD, and ZAINY dreams to come to life.  

"Alison thank you for infusing my life with meaning, love, play, and belief in 'I Wonder What Else Can Emerge?'!" 

Lucinda Caldwell 

Founder of Giddy By Nature 

Painter & Coach 

Playful Embodiment 4 Month Program $3200
This is for you if you know you want to create outside the box in life or work, and you have a block to that.  As a guide it's my job to be a supportive non-judgmental space for you to align with your true desires, and start taking inspired actions. 


With ongoing weekly support over a 4 month period you will begin to re-connect to who you were before the world told you who to be.


The first session we explore your creative project ideas or dreams.  We then show up to each session welcoming whatever is present for you, you get to come as you are, we dig into my playful tool box, and you get to pick a tool that resonates with you that day.  You move forward one playful step at a time. 

The best part is you have someone in your corner supporting you with your creative project for an entire 4 months, and you get to learn so many different ways to tap into your creativity that you can use for the rest of your life. 

"Working with Alison was truly transformative for me.  At a time of feeling completely lost  and filled with limiting, anxious beliefs, the work we did helped me see the world as a limitless playground.  I realized I can dream big and that I deserve to love myself, be proud, and to not be so serious all the time.  I loved all the resources and I still use them today.  And I had a lot of fun which is something we need more of in our lives and Alison is full of playful, sparkly energy.  Thank you so much!" 

Hannah Fox

Digital Nomad & Freelance Designer

"I started working with Alison at a crucial point of my life - right out of college. I knew I wanted a career combining creativity, bringing people together, and inspiring holistic living, but everyone around me was choosing a corporate life, and my own vocation, in juxtaposition, felt silly and outlandish.  When I began working with Alison, the things that made the most sense in my heart began to feel possible.   5 years later, I'm working my dream job and in my dream city, and I continue to have Alison's coaching words echo in my head. If it weren't for Alison, i'm not sure I would have had the courage to go for my dream life!"

Lucinda Caldwell 

Founder of Giddy By Nature

Painter & Life Coach

My time with Alison was very important and valuable during a tough period. Her compassion and kindness helped create a safe space for me to feel comfortable and open. She is so playful and creative which brought a really useful component to our work together. It helped me shift certain states of mind that needed shifting. Her questions also helped me discern certain things in different ways which was also helpful. I had a great experience working with Alison and would definitely recommend her!


Community Head at Rise Up

In Person Solo Deep Dive Play Retreat Tailored for you starting at $1,000
This is for you if  you know you’ve gotten completely un-plugged from your creativity & self expression, and need a weekend RE-BOOT.  

This adventure starts off with a playful exploration call to see where, and how, you would like to retreat. You pick a place that feels super juicy to you. I design the weekend to support you, and what you need to plug back into your creative expression. 

We eat healthy whole foods, move/dance, and explore where you are stuck, and pull from my huge tool box.

Of course there will be wigs, time in nature, and space to wander! Please reach out to me if you would like to explore this option.

“On my weekend playdate with Alison, I got to go on my first Artist Date. I was in the middle of doing the Artist’s Way, and feeling really stuck.  The weekend started with a wander around a super cute upstate NY town.  We stumbled upon a yarn shop, that ignited my love of color, and textures.  Alison listened to me share about some big transitions I was going through in my career. I learned how to move my emotions, we did yoga, we cooked some delicious food, I did a fun craft project, and we played with wigs. I made my first comedic character.  The whole weekend shifted something for me, and now I’m excited about some new artist dates, and a class that my inner artist is delighted by, and continuing to practicing honoring my joy in life.”

Ava Farkas 

Professional Community Organizer 

& Artist 

Permission to Play Residency At your company or organization starting at $1,800
*Scholarships available for small community based orgs & businesses in Jersey City

Play creates uncommon connections.  When people play together bonds get created that can't be broken. 

Having an artist and highly trained facilitator to come into your community to co-create something that can have each person in your office/organization experience being seen, heard, and celebrated, can be a life changing experience. 

This is tailored for you, and your needs.  We will get on a call to explore what your goals are for this experience, look at how that intersects with my skills / talents, and we will create something truly unique & memorable for your community.  

Immersive Playful Performance Art Experience $500-$800
Are you an artist, or creative being?  Are you a kinesthetic learner, and does the idea of bringing your story / life experience to life comedically feel intriguing? 

As a playback theater actor, movement artist, and someone who has been on their own healing journey for over 20 years I believe in the power of physical storytelling to bring something in your life into a new perspective.  


How does this look?

We connect over the phone for 60-90 minute to explore what life experience would be most served by this experience.  We will use tools from my tool box, curiosity, compassion, and play.  


I spend about a week marinating with the story, it's themes, and exploring what forms of performance would contribute to you.  We meet again over zoom and I share what the story lead me to create, and then you get to edit it on the spot, give your point of view, as well as add in any creative art expression that resonates.  We meet a 3rd time to share final iterations, and de-brief on the creative adventure. 

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