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Artist's Statement

I find inspiration to create from a place of delight and curiosity.  I enjoy creating in nature with handmade objects/props, wigs & found objects.  I find it fascinating to fuse together movement, theater, comedic perspectives, and storytelling to create what I call physical stories.  For now all my work is self-produced. I am informed by real life stories/people/challenging situations, a love of nature, and enjoy bringing a poetic and playful perspective to mundane moments.  I love collaborating with other artists, please reach out to explore a collaboration. 



The Great Un-Winding of Alicia Dahlia

This online immersive show took place in June 2021. It was a solo semi-autobiographical show about a woman's relationship with her nervous system. Alicia goes on a journey meeting some of her inner parts, who convince her to travel through the ocean of emotions, face her biggest secret, and move worst fears through her body. This show used comedic character, authentic movement, monologues, and  storytelling. This show is currently being workshopped into the a new project called The Double Bind. 


Physical Stories

My Physical Stories use handmade props, authentic movement, playback theater and character to explore real life stories & themes. This is a practice, and an exploration, and a resource for future works. You can find more physical stories by clicking the image to the right, which will send you to my personal instagram page. 



The Double Bind

Currently a work in progress solo show about re-claiming my relationship with my Body and my Inner Child.  It's a heroine's journey with movement, characters from my inner world, storytelling, and handmade props. It has been workshopped twice at The PIT in Chelsea, NYC in 2023.  If you have a unique space or community that would benefit from this story let's collaborate. 



Not Lost, but being found. This is a work in progress show that hatched in March 2022. As we slowly emerge from over two years of a pandemic, where are you? As we face a new reality with increased environmental emergencies, how connected are you to nature, and your natural self? What happens when we become so disconnected from our core values, do we even know we are lost? This piece will use authentic movement, handmade props, storytelling, and more. To be continued.....Join our mailing list to stay up to date on the release.      

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