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Performance Art & Circles for the Rebel Performer
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Why play?

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As performance artists living in the modern day world, we are constantly inundated with so much information and pressure about who we should be or how we should create. It's easy to constantly feel behind and like we need something outside of ourselves, but by disconnecting from hustle-culture,  and immersing ourselves in PLAY, we can start to re-discover our unique making process, before the world told us who to be, and create work that is meaningful & aligned with a bigger purpose.

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Hi, I'm Alison

I am a facilitator, improvisational actor, performer, theater devisor & movement artist. I enjoy making performance art pieces that are meaningful to me, and the people who are involved.  I love the communal art making process, and I often wonder why more people don't get to have access to performing arts. 

I have been cultivating a fun toolbox to support my expression as a performance artist for over 20 years including: improv, acting, mental fitness tools, yoga, dance, circus yoga, playback theater, coaching, somatic & embodiment practices.  I enjoy sharing these in my circles, which you can find more information about below. 



Art and creative expression are a human right, and part of what makes being alive meaningful.  The IGNITE your Creativity Circle is a FUN transformational 15 week online container to boost your creativity & revive your inner artist. I incorporate my signature practices, called Playful Embodiment, which bring a lot of body love & joy to the process.

Do you crave a safer space to develop and devise your creative art or life's work?  What would it be like to receive feedback that leaves you empowered, curious, and excited in your process? 

This 6 month group experience is a TOTALLY UNIQUE space where you will be given the tools to give critique in a new way that supports your most authentic work.

Are you desiring more creativity, more connection to your freed up imaginative self and a sense of play in your art or creative projects? A playdate can be for as little as 3 hours, or as long as 3 months.  It's an as judgment free as possible space (yeah we all have a an inner judge but we can learn how to ask it to step aside) that is less about an agenda and more about YOUR PLEASURE (as in what you deeply like doing vs. doing what you  think you SHOULD). Click to Learn More to see the menu of options, and join the mailing list below to stay informed on the most up to date offerings.  

 Let's Co-Create a World that is a safer welcoming playground for all beings through communal performance art rooted in healing and transformation.

  Email me to set up a time to explore how we can collaborate: 

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What People Have to Say about My Circles

Bonnie Perry - Maker, Artist & Grammy

I have found that time spent with Alison helps light up my most intuitively happy and playful spirit that naturally fills my environment with compassion...Creative ideas that have been pushed aside or ignored have a new permission to come out and play.

The Emotions Parade

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A lot of people think that emotions are a distraction, and something to push down, or numb out. We currently live in a country that has a mass shooting epidemic because of a lack of emotional resiliency. Modern day living requires us to learn how to be with BIG FEELINGS. This is a journey I have been on for years, and I wanted to use creative expression, ritual, and the art of parade to begin to explore these ideas in a public community setting.

The first Emotions Parade happened in October 2021 in Washington Park, NY. My vision is to inspire people all over the world to host their own emotions parade, so together we can use creative art and community celebration to shine a light on how by being whole hearted humans will co-create a world that is a safe playground for all beings.  For more information about how to start your own emotions parade please email us

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